28.5 VDC Generator by AP Manufacturing

The direct current 28 volt generator was specially design to work with a wide range of small aircraft and helicopters that need 28 V-DC to start their engines. The design, versatile, modern and powerful, makes the unit unique against competitors because it has been created by a service provider company incorporating the improvements for an easy operation and a good maintenance of the equipment.


 Download here the specifications sheet for the e28 generator.

Concept & Design. The idea, design and its conception.


easier_simple1 The conception of the e28 was planned from all the experiences had with other ground support equipment for over 30 years; today, the evolution in technology and electronics offers equipment that are more compact, sealed and non-reparable, because of this, the design and engineering team at AP Manufacturing decided to focus in a more simplified mechanical and electronic process of voltage generation, offering this new design that offers a reliable voltage output with simple systems with automatic voltage built-up, it’s exterior was designed for easy access to the unit with removable panels created in galvanize metal sheets; the control panel provides easy operation by four simple buttons and a graphic interface that can be understood by anyone.

Performance & Systems. New Fittings.



perkins_motorPerkins 1104C-44G2, diesel engine, inline 4 cylinder, operating at 1800 RPM, naturally aspirated

Battery system: 12 Volt DC

• Intake air restriction indication

• Selectable on-off engine pre-heater for cold weather start

Protections Systems:

• Low oil pressure shutdown

• High coolant temperature shutdown

Quiet System:

quietStandard low noise operation < 80 dB.
• All the air is canalized through the radiator and exists the unit ti the top reducing engine noise

• Body enclosure covered with acoustic material that is water repellant, assuring no corrosion built-up

• Cross-flow cylinder head for reduced noise


• 28.5 VDC output

• 800 amperes continuous rating at 28.5 VDC

• 2,000 amperes peak for aircraft engine starting

• Adjustable current limiting • Voltage regulator with line drop compensation for proper voltage output

• Contactor Close switch with “CLOSED” light


beneficios_botom Structure and operation. Be prepare for the operations, make the difference.

Panel Design:

The design of the operational panel is divided in to sides, engine to the left and generator to the right; in the middle you will find the hour meter, fuel gauge and panel/clearance lights switch.

Engine Controls and Gauges:

• Engine START switch with “ENGINE ON” light
• Engine STOP switch
• Digital Oil Pressure
• Low oil pressure engine shutdown fault lightpannel1
• Digital Coolant Temperature (with high temp warning)• High coolant temperature engine shutdown fault light
• Digital battery voltmeter• Alternator fault light
• Digital Tachometer / RPM

Generator Controls and Gauges:

• Contactor CLOSE with green light
• Contactor OPEN
• Digital amp meter
• Digital volt meter
• Over voltage fault light



ISO 9001:2008 Certificate United States Chamber of Commerce Member of NBAA