Our Company specializes in Ground Support Equipment (GSE). With over 40 years of combined experience, our main headquarters are in Miami, Florida, USA, enabling us to ship merchandise to any country in the world. We work under the ISO9001:2015 standard, guaranteeing our sales, repair, and manufacturing processes.
Throughout our work, we have had the privilege and pleasure of working with major airlines, ground handling companies, and airport stations in the U.S.A., Central and South America. The experience we have accumulated over years of strategic partnerships with our customers have helped us grow into a company focused on customer service excellence, established us as a valuable and dependable resource in the GSE industry, and continues to shape our vision as a company: At Servicore, we make exceptional Service the Core of our Business.


Beyond our expertise and excellence in customer service, the greatest value of working with our company is having the peace of mind that comes with knowing you are working with highly motivated professionals whose primary focus is to bring value to you and your company. When we say we put you first, we mean that literally. Servicore believes that our customers are the life of our company, and as such, we treat every request and every customer with the level of diligence and dedication that they deserve; that of VIPs. We are so confident in our service and products that we are always willing to work with you to negotiate the best possible deal, and guarantee the greatest value for you and your company. Give us a call today, and find out how and why we are raising and setting a new standard for Customer Service Excellence in Ground Support Equipment, and allow us the opportunity to demonstrate our commitment with results.


We supply New, Refurbished, and Used equipment, as well as parts for a wide variety of GSE manufacturers. We also provide training for proper equipment maintenance and repair for your entire Ground Support Equipment fleet, calibration, and repair of electronic components such as Load Banks, Contactors, Voltage Regulators, Generator Protective Boards, and cargo controllers for Loaders, among others.

We work directly with Ground Support Equipment manufacturers, offering competitive pricing and shorter lead times. Our team of experts are always eager to help you identify correct part numbers when manuals are not available.

We work closely with the following Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs): ITW GSE – Hobart, Trilectron, Air-A-Plane, JBT Aero-Tech (FMC), TLD, Lantis, ACE, ADE, Nordco, Devtec, WASP (Fast Global Solutions, Inc.), Clyde Machines, NMC-Wollard, Lektro, TUG, Stewart & Stevenson, Tronair, ISCAR GSE (manufacturer of Dollies, Baggage carts, Salve Racks, lavatory, and potable water carts), AP Manufacturing, Inc. (GSE rentals and manufacturer of DC Generators), Clark, Grove, New-Holland, Par-Kan, Phoenix Metals, among others. Servicore represents: ISCA GSE, AP Manufacturing, Inc., and Spokane Industries (Manufacturer of stainless steel tanks and aircraft fueling and de-fueling systems for aircrafts); we are authorized resellers for Harlan Manufacturing (manufacturer of tractors and belt loaders). The equipment we offer include: AC and DC Generators (GPU), Air Conditioning Units (ACU), Air Start Units (ASU), Loaders, Tow bars, Pushback and Tow Tractors, Baggage Carts, Dollies, Salve Racks, Lavatory and Potable Water Carts, Passenger Stairs, and Load Banks, among others. For used equipment, we offer the following conditions: ASIS, operational, and remanufactured equipment. Operational equipment is delivered serviced, with mechanical, hydraulic, and electronic systems inspected and repaired as required. Remanufactured equipment is disassembled, painted, and reassembled with new or remanufactured parts; warranty programs are available.


Our Mission is to become your Strategic Partner, and your one stop solution for Ground Support Equipment needs.


Servicore’s Vision as a Ground Support Equipment Company focused on Customer Service Excellence.