Training for GSE

Up your skills in ground support equipment maintenance

Servicore GS offers GSE training and courses for equipment maintenance and troubleshooting. We understand that the most valuable asset a person have is its knowledge, improving or gaining new skills will help you find better opportunities in the GSE field. We have two options to deliver that knowledge:

  • The company provides the training: With this method, the company, ground service provider or airline, hires Servicore GS to provide training to their maintenance technicians, either at their location or in our facility.
  • Self-provided training: Train yourself, we offer different courses in ground support equipment, the essential courses are free and the more complex ones are really accesible. 

Increase your knowledge by taking some of our courses in ground support equipment.

With our easy to understand platform, learning is easy and enjoyable.

Behind SGS eLearning Academy is a Ground Support Equipment company with over 20 years of experience in remanufacture, technical service, training, and replacement parts for customers based in USA and Latin America. 

All the modules in this eLearning website have been designed  by professionals in the GSE field. 

The SGS Academy is a project in constant growth, we are adding more content over time but your suggestions will be appreciated. If you would like to see a course on a specific topic, contact us and we will try to add it ass soon as possible. 

At Servicore GS, we provide a wide range of products for the GSE industry, equipment sales, equipment rentals, replacement parts, repair services, and training; contact us if you don’t find what you are looking for, we are always ready to help.