At Servicore GS, we offer our customers on-site equipment repair services that is tie to our training programs; we go to your station to fix the GSE units your mechanics are having problems with and while we are there, we train your crew on how to troubleshoot and repair those units.

We offer repair or overhaul services for any type of ground support equipment which is all done at our MIA shop. Our FLL shop offers small repairs and PM services for companies with operations in Ft Lauderdale / Hollywood International airport. Our technicians are badge for both MIA and FLL airports.

Whether you need air start unit parts, or a detailed explanation on how to fix a jet engine air starter, Servicore GS specializes in air start units, cargo loaders and generators (ground power units) AC and DC. Our GSE training programs can be customized to meet your needs, from a couple of days to a couple off week, we got you covered. Visit our eLearn website and take any of the available courses online, or contact us for more information on the training programs available.


Our PC Board Repairs is a great service that will save you time and money.

Got a problem with you voltage regulator? Or is an over/under frequency light coming up because a malfunction on the board? If you are not 100% confident about the working condition of any of your equipment electronic boards we have the way to test them for a low fee.

We have created a test bench, in which we can test all the protective boards and voltage regulators for Hobart, Stewart & Stevenson, and Trilectron; we also work on Lantis, Commander, Davco, Arvico, and ACE boards. When we send a repair board out is because we have test it and we are 100% sure that is going to work; we know that down time in your equipment represent losses and we are willing to work in the fastest and better way possible.

TUG baggage tractor repair service
Ground Support Equipment Electronic repair Service